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BreadKone Updated (Colored)

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The BreadKone is an innovative bakery product of high nutritional value, which was perfected after 2.5 years of testing and continuous improvement. In order to reach today's industrial production and wholesale market distribution, people of many specialties collaborated where with a pure willingness to offer, contributed in their own way to achieve the final result. However, above all, the most important factor of this chains is the people, who through three stores in Rhodes and Athens and now through the industrial distribution, loved, supported and placed in their consciousness the BreadKone in what was set as a goal from the beginning. An innovative and international character bread of high nutritional value with consumer experience .. beyond of any expectations!

Όλη η Κουζίνα του Κόσμου

The Breadkones's Key factors

innovative recipe

A fundamentally new recipe of 21 ingredients with the main feature the green apple yeast

purity of ingredients

The recipe contains first quality flours, natural aromas and no improvers

innovative shape

For the first time a bakery product has a Cone shape, allowing fillings of all kinds

Various options

Savory and Sweet BreadKones in different sizes and dough base classic and follows Vegan, Semi-Sweet, Rye, Multigrain, Zeas and Hemp


With 180 successfully tested recipes, the BreadKone is suitable for all tastes, for any time of the day and in all kinds of shops


The uniqueness of the BreadKone's recipe which tends to take off every filling, creates one leaving a feeling of light fullness

Savory or Sweet

Sweet Rolls

The only limitation is ...the fantasy

Χίλιες Γεύσεις English
Green Roll Food Styling English

And more than:

Successfully tested recipes 
Our goal is an international value proportion for the Gastronomy

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